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About Us


Fastcom has been founded as Media and Multimedia Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1999. We are one of the leading ICT solutions provider, trusted by all types of companies needing to grow their business internationally through channels of their choice and model. We are also aspiring to be the leading provider of High Speed Internet, IP Phone, Digital Television Channels all as a bundle to homes and businesses.

Fastcom’s scalable and integrated solution includes a full-featured, modular and secure software platform, a partner order revenue management system and constantly expanding worldwide affiliate network. We are market proven ICT solution enabled Software Company which rapidly embraces industry shifts, reaching customers effectively, adopts new and innovative business models with a view of optimizing profitable revenue across online and offline channels.

We are aware that everyone around the globe is embracing the internet which enables social media and digital communication as the most effective means of business communication. Bangladesh is rapidly catching up with the growth in the world in internet related communication. Internet will reach all levels of people in short time. The management of FC is involved with the growth in internet in Bangladesh from very beginning. Understanding the importance of internet enabled communication in Bangladesh FC started its business in 1999 and within a very few years of operation FC has become a popular and reliable ISP in the marketplace. Right now FC has more than 500 business clients. As a total IT solution provider FC strives to provide best quality service at a reasonable rate. To enhance quality with the newest innovation and advancement in the Information Technology area we have highly qualified advisors in USA and CANADA.

The vision of the company is to build a strong network infrastructure in the country and wish to setup WAN all over the country. FC is providing Corporate Internet and Intranet solution as well as Internet system integrated services to the Government, Semi Government, Foreign Missions, Multinational companies and Private organizations.

The fast growing user of Social Media and in home usability of high speed Internet is the single most important area of opportunity FC is focused in to grow. Already with direct and with other means FC is enabling 100,000 households get high speed internet for their daily needs. FC is now adding IP phone and Digital Television Channel offering as bundled service to all the households it has access to as a single source provider. We believe that this household area of growth will be the fastest area of growth for Fastcom.

Today’s information technology is the vital source of global communication. FC wants to play an important role to develop IT infrastructure in Bangladesh along with IT related companies and Channel Partners. At FC we make it a practice to use the latest state of the art equipment and technology. The next generation will be equipped with the IT knowledge to make their daily life digitally connected to everyone. FC strives to source and apply best Hardware, Software and Network Solution to develop such Information Technology infrastructure that puts Bangladesh aligned with the top countries in the world’s IT market