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Our Vision is to be the first choice in multi-channel sales and distribution integration for the single and group of companies. Also be the single source provider of all the digital and IT services for households in the country. Our mission is to provide any company a scalable distribution solution for selling their products worldwide and for each household one stop product and service provider for all IT and digital needs.


To provide our customers with world class IT consulting, Web and Application Software development, Hardware and Networking, ISP, Data Connectivity, IP-Phone, Digital Television Channels. The mission of Fast Com is to provide professional, high quality software development tools and utilities for various systems and to provide consulting and technical services to assist clients in developing and maintaining computer based solutions to meet their business needs. Make it the one provider of all IT and digital product and services provider to every household we serve.


Our vision is to continually expand and improve our product and services by focusing on quality and
complete customer satisfaction to enrich, inspire and invigorate product development enabling our marketing teams to more successfully compete in more dynamic IT and Social Media driven world economy of today and in the future.
We will increasingly enhance the collaboration of cross-functional product development and educating our marketing teams consistently through our advisors in USA and Canada to greatly increase their ability to meet and surpass customer needs and expectations thereby implementing more customer focused product launches.

Our Strengths:

1. High quality product with reliability
2. Complete Transparency
3. High Ethical Practices
4. Employee Satisfaction
5. Complete Customer Satisfaction
6. Justified price offering
7. 24 Hours/ 7 days a week access to our service facility


• Superior product knowledge
• Customer retention through consistent service satisfaction
• Establishing long term business partnership
• Customized and dedicated service focusing customer needs
• Always work hard with integrity