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Fastcom Business System is total software and hardware solution and Internet Service Provider ( ISP ) and total bundled IT services provider for household customers. At the hub of our business is our service and technical issues are performed by our team and supported by our own fully trained computer and communication technicians and experts both in Bangladesh and if necessary in USA and Canada. Thus, we can ensure any Information Technology based solution specially customized for you and your business.


Fastcom is currently offering its services to corporate as well as individual clients in the following areas:


  • Project Consultancy for ICT Solution
  • Development of Information System
  • Development of Customized Software
  • Development of Web Services
  • Implementation of Electronic Commerce
  • Implementation of Network facilities
  • Internet Service
  • Data Connectivity
  • IP Phone Service
  • Digital Television Channels
  • Consultancy for Network Maintenance



Desktop Application Development:



Fastcom is a leading Software design and development company, is in the cutting edge of creative and technical online integrity. Our application designers are highly skilled and eager to do customize application development for the company. 


Activity Outline:


Discuss with Customers the nature of the activities within and their ultimate goal as well as the potential requirements:


  • Provide the database solution from the existing software program or build the software solution for the unique activity of each Customer.
  • Provide application programming software.
  • Develop multimedia programming for the valued individual or corporate customer design to fit their specific need.
  • Programmer expertise are keen to develop every kind of web page e.g. static web page, dynamic web page ( where E-Commerce is also embedded )